About us

To Put It simply...

Camel Road is THE marketplace for up & coming businesses that want to accept Bitcoin for their labor and customers that want to support such businesses and help circulate the Bitcoin economy.

On orders over $100

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Our Rules.

For Buyers

If you find a seller being abusive or engaging in activities that violate our terms & conditions, please report to support@bitsuuq.live.

The only means of payments are those available when you get at checkout any other form of payment, even if seller agrees, is strictly prohibited.

Repeated abusive behavior towards vendors and Camel Road will result in a permanent account suspension.

Engaging in malicious buying (such as buying an item but having no intention of completing the transaction) is strictly forbidden.

Making false claims such as a package not being delivered even though it has will result in account suspension.

If you are a buyer and want to have a vendor account, you are only allowed to have one of each (one buyer account, one vendor account).

Any payment disputes that can’t be resolved between the two parties, please report it to abujamal@camelroad.net

For Vendors

Camel Road takes 7% of all sales as commission.

Each product listing is to be reviewed and approved by the admin of the site. If you feel like your product is taking too long to be accepted or has been rejected unreasonably, please contact abujamal@camelroad.net

As a seller, you can set specific terms and conditions regarding your store, but you must assure that they coincide with the terms & conditions of Camel Road.

Items unrelated to the categories available will be denied.

Images of items have to be taken by camera (No stock images).

Make sure that any defect/issues is mentioned and highlighted.

Make sure to include the location of the item being sold.

If you are selling a product through affiliate marketing, make that clear in the description.

Repeated false advertising (selling a product with incorrect specs, posting a specific product but sending a completely differently product) will result in permanent suspension.

To assure protection for the buyer, the vendor must have physical possession of the listed items before making any sales.

If you deem a buyer to be abusive or unfair (product reviews), please report it to abujamal@camelroad.net and make sure to provide evidence such as screenshots, buyer’s information ect.